Water Based Nail Polish System | Shade #002 | Cinnamon Drop + Seal & Shine

Water Based Nail Polish System | Shade #002 | Cinnamon Drop + Seal & Shine

Acrylac® WATER BORN™

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Water Based Nail Polish System | Shade #002 | Cinnamon Drop + Seal & Shine - Essential 2-In-1 Nail Base + Top Coat | Acrylac® Water Born™ Water Based Nail Color System

UV/LED gel-like, 2 component, water based, hybrid acrylic nail polish system. A nail industry break-thru in gel-like performance and acrylic reliability. Never any filing, scraping, long soak-off, drying time or stickiness to remove. A proprietary blend, professional grade, smooth flowing acrylic nail polish application with the fastest drying and longest wearing water based formula.

The perfect way to get salon-quality, lasting results without the lengthy time commitment. For a quick, safe and easy way to achieve a professional finish, this nail polish is the perfect choice. Create the perfect look with a strong, long-lasting and high-gloss shine using the  Acrylac® Water Born nail polish system.

Hybrid Acrylic Nail Color System

Get ready to spice up your nail game with our Water Based Nail Polish System! Our Shade #002, Cinnamon Drop, adds a pop of color and depth to any look. Plus, our Seal & Shine™ technology ensures a long-lasting, shiny finish. Say goodbye to boring nails and hello to a touch of sweetness!

  • Acrylac® Water Born™ | Water Based Acrylic Nail Polish | Shade #002 | CINNAMON DROP - (opaque, crème). Apply 1-2 thin coats (air dries in seconds!). Allow to dry between coats.  .5 fl. oz. | 15 ml. | Large Glass Polish Bottle.
  • Acrylac® Water Born™ | Seal & Shine | Water Based Acrylic Nail Polish | 2-in-1 Base + Top Coat. Apply 1 coat as a base and 1 top coat (air dries in seconds!). .5 fl. oz. | 15 ml. | Large Glass Polish Bottle.
  • How To Apply & Remove: Application and removal instructions included.

Get ready for the ultimate nail experience with this water-based, odor-less system - for a non-toxic, long-lasting and fuss-free application. Say goodbye to pesky soaking, drying and stickiness and hello to beautifully manicured nails in a flash!

      Dare to be bold and make a statement with CINNAMON DROP! Our Acrylac® Water Born™ Nail Polish in Shade #002 will turn your nails into stunning masterpieces that will catch everyone's eye. Discover the power of self-expression and creativity with our long-lasting, high-quality nail polish. Transform your nails into works of art with CINNAMON DROP - the perfect way to elevate your style and add a touch of glamour to any look!



      FOR BEST RESULTS: Manicure nails by pushing back cuticles and file them to shape. Be certain nails are clean, smooth, oil-free and dry. Always spray sanitize or wipe nails with a lint-free nail pad and sanitizing solution or 70% isopropyl alcohol before application.

      1.  Apply a coat of Acrylac® Water Born Seal & Shine™ 2-in-1 base + top coat. Allow to dry (air dries in seconds). Cap the free edges.
      2. Apply 1-2 coats of Acrylac Water Born Nail Color (air dries in seconds). Avoid the cuticle area and surrounding skin. Allow to dry between layers.
      3. Apply a coat of Acrylac Water Born Seal & Shine 2-in-1 base + top coat. Allow to dry (air dries in seconds). Keep away from skin. Cap the free edges. If desired, additional layers can be applied once dry.

      Acrylac® Water Born Seal & Shine 2-in-1 base + top coat can also be used to easily apply loose glitters, flakes, micas, Gemstones-2-Match™ (rhinestones), pigment powders and other nail art mediums and to seal and shine after they're applied. Use on top of color dipped nails, artificial acrylic nails, traditional solvent based polishes and  UV/LED nail gels!


      Unlike solvent based nail polishes the Acrylac® Water Born Nail Polish System removes as a solid similar to traditional UV/LED gel nail systems, yet much faster and easier. No more scraping, sanding or long soak-offs. Removes in less than a minute! 

      1. Place a disposable towel on top of your work surface. Set an acetone or non-acetone nail polish remover soaked pad on top of the nail. OPTION: use a nail polish removal clip to secure the absorbent soaked nail pad on top of fingers -saves time allowing free movement of hands while removing polish from more than one nail. Allowing to set  2-4 or 5-10 nails at a time!
      2. Let soaked pad sit for approximately 30 seconds.
      3. One nail at a time, remove the soaked nail pad.
      4. Gently push off the gel-like material with a wooden manicuring stick or stainless steel cuticle pusher. Place the solid material on a separate disposable towel or nail pad.
      5. Wipe clean any residual nail color left on the nail with the same polish remover soaked nail pad that you previously removed from the nail.
      6. Dispose of the used towel and/or pads afterwards..


      "that's the Aneway® promise"

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