Q: Why are all nail tips shiny?
A: The reason nail tips are shiny begins with the manufacturing process. 

Q: How are traditional nail tips manufactured? 
A: Petroleum based plastics are injected into smooth steel molds with individual cavity's for each nail size and/or style.

Q: Why do all traditional nail tips have a shiny/oily surface?
A: They become shiny when they are cooled and then removed from the smooth steel molds. The oil is the residue from the petroleum based plastic.  

Q: Should I always remove the shine from plastic artificial nail tips?
A: Yes, you should always remove the shine underneath artificial nail tips before application and then on the top after you apply them. 

Q: Why should  the shiny/oily surface underneath the tip be removed before I apply them?
A: The shiny/oily surface underneath traditional nail tips should be removed before you apply them to achieve maximum adhesion.

Q: Is this the same reason the shiny/oily surface from the natural nail bed is removed before I apply nail tips?
A: Yes, otherwise the nail tip will not adhere properly to the natural nail bed causing air bubbles and tips to pop off. 

Q: Why should I remove the shine from traditional nail tips before application of acrylics, gels and other overlay products?
A: Acrylics, gels and other overlay products do not adhere well to a shiny/oily surface, so you must remove the surface shine and oil after you apply them too. 

Q: Do I ever have to file and/or buff PRE-ETCHED® nail tips?
A: No, you never have to file and/or buff underneath or on top of PRE-ETCHED® nail tips before or after you apply them.  

Q: Who invented PRE-ETCHED®  nail tips?
A: Carol L. and Robert D. McPherson invented and patented (Patent Number: 5,582,533) PRE-ETCHED® nail tips in 1996.

Q: How is the PRE-ETCHED® nail tip manufactured?
A: The manufacturing process is complex but the theory is simple. PRE-ETCHED® nail tips are made for the professional nail technician to save time, energy and money.

Q: Who manufactures the PRE-ETCHED® nail tips?
A: Pre-Etched Nail Tip Manufacturing USA, Inc. is doing all of the work for you. They do all of the manufacturing, packaging, labeling and shipping.