PRE-ETCHED® The Fastest & Strongest Nail Tips In The Industry™


  PRE-ETCHED® professional nail tips are manufactured by a licensed, practicing nail technician with over 30 years of experience. These tips help her create beautiful, strong, ultra fast nails with PERFECT results!

Carol L. & Robert D. McPherson invented and patented PRE-ETCHED
® professional nail tips in 1996 (Patent Number: 5,582,533). The process is complex, but the theory is simple. PRE-ETCHED® nail tips are made for professional nail technicians to save time, energy and money. 

Carol continues her mission to develop new products and a unique way of using these tips to create beautiful, strong, ultra fast nails with perfect results -for herself and many other professional technicians.

With these developments and a vision to help other technicians, she has founded a company under the rightful name of Aneway® - A NEW WAY NAILS INC. / PRE-ETCHED®. She currently works on demonstrating to others with text and visuals on how to do better, faster, easier nails. The company slogan also states this vision and her mission. 

Traditional nail tips have a standard oily, silicone like, factory residue on the surface. The oil must be removed from the nail tips before and after application to the natural nail. It may be hard to see, but it's there.

Failure to remove the factory finish from your nail tips result in lifting, causing you and your clients unwanted frustration. Overlay products will not properly bond to a standard shiny, factory injection molded or matte finish looking nail tip.

PRE-ETCHED® professional nail tips are truly and uniformly etched on top and underneath for maximum adhesion, bonding instantly to the natural nail. No more over-filling and spending to much time removing the shiny, oily, silicone surface from your nail tips.

NOTE: Not to be confused with the factory, injection molded, matte finish that some try to imply are truly an etched, patented, nail tip surface.

Once your clients visually see our tips on your table and watch you using them, will notice that your tips are not like any others. PRE-ETCHED® pro nail tips will set you apart from your competition -who are still using a shiny standard, drug store type nail tip.

PRE-ETCHED® pro nail tips are professional grade to help you grow your business and to set you apart from the competition.

Start using PRE-ETCHED
® pro nail tips today. You and your clients will be so glad that you did.

Enjoy the discovery!