Powder Polish Nail Color Kit | Lux Pro Collection #1

Powder Polish Nail Color Kit | Lux Pro Collection #1


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Powder Polish Nail Color Kit
LUX Pro Collection #1

The Fastest and Easiest Nail Color System!

Introducing Aneway® Powder Polish Nail Color Kit -LUX Pro Collection #1. A stunning selection of custom nail art pigment and mineral powders with specialized application tools to apply them with, all-in-one convenient stackable storage unit.

A unique nail color system that adds an elegant and professional touch to your manicure. The versatile cosmetic grade mineral and pigment powder color selection offers an array of possibilities, elevating your gel nail polish to a new level of sophistication.

This innovative nail system is easy to apply by simply dabbing onto your nails, creating a mesmerizing finish that will have heads turning. Add color to the whole nail, just the tips or any place on the nail as desired. Use one color or several. Transform your nails into a dazzling work of art with Aneway® Powder Polish nail color! 

Perfect for both salon professionals and DIY enthusiasts!

Indulge with the perfect manicure from the comfort of your own home or in the salon. With the LUX Pro Collection you can achieve professional, long-lasting, salon-quality results in no time.

Experience maximum value with Aneway® Powder Polish 3/Color Nail Kits. Collect them all for an unbeatable price!

Aneway® Powder Polish is NOT a dip powder. It is PURE nail polish pigments and mineral powders. Safe to use on the skin as well. Non-staining, one coat coverage. "A Little Dab A' Do Ya'!"

Achieve a perfect, high-shine finish with Powder Polish 3/color nail kits; LUX Pro Collection {1}. Each kit includes 3 luxury colors and tools to apply them with, including a stackable storage unit to keep them all neat and accessible. Just a dab of color is all you need! Give yourself the lux look and the confidence that comes with it. Shine bright with the LUX Pro Collection #1 Powder Polish 3/Color Nail Kit for effortless glamour. And with its stackable storage unit, it's like having your own personal nail salon.

Kit Content

  • 3- Individually numbered Fingertip Dauber Applicators with clear, snap on and off storage caps.
  • 3- Individual jars | Powder Polish LUX Nail Color Collection {1} includes:
    Powder Polish nail color #1 Cinderella Red
    Powder Polish nail color #2 Sacred Brown
    Powder Nail Polish color #3 Rustic Mineral Spark
  • 1- Precision Fan Dust Brush
  • 1- Stackable, all in one storage unit with clear cover. Contains all 3 individual color jars and application tools for convenience and quick accessibility! 
  • An affixed LUX Pro Powder Polish gel nail color swatch on top of each jar. LUX Color Collection #1, #2, #3 (as shown).



    better . faster . easier . nails 
    "that's the Aneway® promise"