Aneway® Pro Nail Salon Soak-Off Removal Kit

Aneway® Pro Nail Salon Soak-Off Removal Kit


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The Easiest and Safest Soak-Off for Gel, Dipping Systems & Acrylic Nails


Six essential nail care prep and removal tools in one convenient kit. Use these tools to remove gel nail polish, dipping powder systems, soak-off gels and acrylic when you cannot visit the salon.

  • 1 - Aneway® Acetone Remover Solution 
  • 1 - Lint Free Nail Wipes 
  • 1 - PROFESSIONAL 80/80 Grit Nail File
  • 1 - Buff & Polish™ Buffer Block
  • 1 - Cuticle/Pusher Removal Stick
  • 1 - Li'l Black™ Acetone Resistant, Five Finger Submersion Soaking Bowl


    1. PROFESSIONAL 80/80 File - File surface shine from gel and remove bulk gel and acrylics before soaking for easier removal.
    2. Aneway® Acetone Remover Solution - Removes polish, gel polish and soak-off gel or acrylics with ease without drying out the nail & skin. White & chalky?.....Never! 
    3. Cuticle/Pusher Removal Stick - Push back cuticles, clean underside of nail and push off gel / acrylic / dipping system adhesive residue to reveal natural nail bed.
    4. Li'l Black™ Soaking Bowl - Convenient five finger form for comfortable submersion. Light weight, portable and acetone resistant.
    5. Lint Free Nail Wipes - Remove residue and soak to wipe nails.
    6. Buff & Polish™ Buffer Block - two sided buffer to smooth and shine after soaking removal. 


    Step 1.  Use the PROFESSIONAL 80/80 Grit Nail File to remove shine from top of your gel manicure and to reduce thickness from acrylic, gel and dipping systems. DO NOT file down to your own nail to avoid damaging natural nail bed/plate. Make sure you always see color if your filing gel polish color. Stay away from the natural nail re-growth around the cuticles as well.

    Step 2. Remove the cap from your Aneway® Acetone Remover Solution pump top and pour into the Li'l Black soaking bowl. Fill just enough to cover your finger tips and nails. The bowl depth is designed to not waste product.

    Step 3. Insert finger tips of one hand at a time into the bowl. This way you can use the other to type, read, etc. 

    Step 5. Keep fingers submerged in the solution for 10-20 minutes. Depending on the bulk and the material can take less time for removal. You can wipe off softened material every 2-5 minutes or so. Just make sure your nail wipe is soaked by pumping the top of your removal bottle top with a nail wipe to saturate. With pressure and vigor - as if your removing glitter polish from your nails, wipe off softened material. Scrub back and forth. Do not leave them exposed to the air for too long, the acrylic will begin to harden again.

    Step 6. Use your cuticle stick to push off softened product. This technique helps you achieve a faster removal time. Do one nail at a time as not to expose them to air and therefore harden once again. Push product to remove softened material. Then wipe. Remember to keep your wipe moistened with Aneway® Acetone Remover Solution. Place your finger back into the solution along with your cuticle pusher. Swirl the stick around to remove accumulation of product. Remove stick and wipe clean. Repeat.

    Step 7.
     Buff & Shine™ - use both sides of your buffer to bring nails back to an even surface and shine.  And/Or use a Li'l Black buffing block 180 grit to smooth.

    Step 8. Wash and dry hands.....use your Li'l Black manicuring scrub brush while washing.

    Step 9. Apply Mani+Pedi Oil. Rub into your nails, cuticles, top of hands and fingers. Never Sticky or Greasy! 

    Step 10. Repeat on the other hand if your only using one Li'l Black five finger soaking bowl.