"New" GELAIR™ - Odor-Less Nail Resin - Builder Base & Sealer Gel

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No more offensive smell, burning eyes or UV/LED light needed!

  • Safe Nail Gel Resin to use on ALL plastics and nails.
  • Medical Grade
  • Spray-On Mist Activator is safely used. No acetone's. Mild formula (Sold separately)
  • Build, Strengthen, Seal & Protect Natural Nails.
  • "Odor-Less" Formula
  • Brushes-On Smoothly
  • Self leveling for even coverage
  • Strong & File-able. Shape and smooth any imperfections easily after it dries in seconds!
  • Easy Soak-Off
  • Overlay natural nails, build the nail with tips - so fast and easy to achieve perfect results!
  • Dipping Powder is no longer necessary to build strength.
  • Keep away from children. Will bond skin in seconds. 


  1. Always sanitize your and clients hands before performing the service.
  2. Manicure natural nails by pushing back cuticles and applying Aneway® Cuticle Remover solution using a metal cuticle pusher or wood cuticle stick to remove excess skin from around and on top of the natural nail. (Excess skin and debris left on the nail will interfere with adhesion).
  3. Wash fingers and hands with soap and water using a Li'l Black™ manicuring scrub brush immediately after using Cuticle Remover Solution.
  4. Dry hands and each nail thoroughly.
  5. File and shape the free edge. Buff around the cuticle and nail surface smooth with your sanitary Li'l Black™ disposable buffer.
  6. Cleanse with a lint free nail wipe and Clean-Up solution.
  7. Apply PH Nail Balance to each nail. Let dry. (Optional)
  8. Carefully apply an even coat of Aneway®  GELAIR™ Odor-Less resin gel to each nail - from the cuticle to free edge. One coat is all you'll need for strength. Apply to all nails before moving on to next step.
  9. Lightly mist the nail with mild Aneway®  GELAIR™ Activator (non-acetone). Stay a distance away from the finger while spraying as to not flood the nail.
    NOTE: Aneway®  GELAIR™ activator has a mild odor (alcohol based) yet you or your client should not breath it into your lungs directly.
    HINT: We recommend wearing a face mask and/or keep your distance when doing so.
  10. Let activator dry. (Blow dry for speed). The layer will form a white powder film when dry.
  11. Remove the white powder film that will form once dry with a sanitary Li'l Black™ disposable buffer. Lightly level the nail surface of any imperfections while doing this and shape the free edge. You may use a file for the free edge area and/or excess high points if needed. Lightly buff smooth. Do this to all nails.
  12. Brush off excess filings with a Li'l Black™ manicuring scrub brush.
  13. Cleanse with a lint free nail wipe and Aneway® Clean-Up™ solution. Let dry.
  14. Polish with color of choice or leave natural.
  15. Apply 2 coats of Aneway® GELAIR™ Top Coat (Quick-Dry, Seal & Shine). Make sure the first coat is completely dry before applying additional coats. Cap the free edge of each nail with each coat.
  16. Apply Aneway® Mani+Ped™ OIL (scent of choice) to heal cuticles and keep hands soft!
  17. Massage arms and hands with Aneway® Mani+Pedi™ OIL infused Lotion for that "special" salon manicure experience. Plus, it smells so good!
Hint: When drying with forced air, warm/heat blow air for water solvent based products (water is a solvent) and cold blow for other solvent based products (Aneway® GELAIR™ top coat) .