THINEOUS™ Gel Nail Coat

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The Thinnest Gel In Nail HISTORY!

  • Cures with the Hand Held Flash Cure™ UV/LED lamp, with or without the Hands Free™ Lamp Holder, in 5-10 seconds, GUARANTEED! 
  • A Break-Thru For Gel Nail Performance and Reliability.
  • Developed To Adhere With Shine!
  • A Must For Ultimate Performance.
  • Multi-Functional, Multi-Purpose Nail Gel.
  • Use it to Bond, Prime, Seal and Shine!
  • The "first" water thin gel that floats easily across the nail while performing a strong seal and bond.
  • Provides the longest lasting top shine.
  • Out shines ALL other gels, with just one thin coat.
  • Will not lift, crack or peel.
  • Adheres without any shine removal, etching or the need for a sticky/tacky surface before applying on top of the natural nail, with nail tips or color gel.
  • .5 fl. oz. / 15 ml. Brush Top Bottle
  • Perfect For Natural Nail Manicures (male and female).
  • EXCLUSIVE by Aneway®
  • *Additional Coats Can Be Applied AFTER Cleansing.

    *NOTE: With MOST traditional gels, it is well known in the nail industry that you can NOT apply another coat of gel after you cleanse the last cured coat. You will need to REMOVE the shine or etch the shiny surface FIRST as it will peel and/or NOT properly BOND to the last coat - which became shiny again after cleansing. Traditional gel MUST have a sticky or shine free, etched surface to adhere with.

    The Thinnest & Shiniest Gel In Nail HISTORY!