Pre-Base Nail Coat | Air Dry!


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Pre-Base Nail Coat | Air Dry!

Get ready to say goodbye to endless soaking and scraping with Aneway® Pre-Base Nail Coat. Simply apply this quick-drying formula before any gel nail application and remove your gel nails quicker than ever before. Save time and hassle with Aneway® Pre-Base Nail Coat.

Pre-Base Nail Coat | Air Dry! 
1/2 FL. OZ. | .5 FL. OZ. | 15 ML.

If you change colors, swatch your nails often try using our Pre-Base nail coat before applying gel. It is water based and air dries in seconds. It's job is to make soak-off so much more faster and easier. Because lets face it, soak-off requires a lot of patients and know how, especially if you DIY. If your not careful to use the correct tools you can do some real damage on the nail surface in the process.

When you use the Pre-Base before application of nail gel. To remove gel polish- any gel polish, especially Gem Jam builder nail gel- No-base | No-top | No-wipe! simply wrap the nail with an acetone soaked cotton pad, apply your removal clips or foil and wait for 5-10 minutes- that's were the patients come in. The polish will come right off. Some times you will have to push it a bit with a stainless steel cuticle removal type tool or an orange wood stick. Do not scrape the nail surface in the process. Usually it will come off in one piece! Wipe the nail with the acetone soaked pad and your ready for another color.

TIP: To speed up the drying process -to dry Pre-Base faster, use a hand held or desk top heated blow dryer on the warm setting. This is a water based product.


  • Water Based products = Heat or warm blown air to dry or dissipate the water vapors.
  • Solvent Based products = Cold blown air to dry or dissipate the vapors in the air.

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