New! D.I.Y NAIL RESCUE KIT - At Home Gel & Acrylic Removal Kit


PRE-ETCHED® professional nail tips are uniformly pre-etched - not just a matte finish, on top and underneath for maximum adhesion, bonding instantly to the natural nail. No more over-filling and spending to much time removing the shiny, oily surface from your nail tips.


No-Blending . No-Shadows . Perfect Natural Smiles . Superior Bond


They look and feel completely different then any nail tip you have ever used.

These are the nail tips that look just like a sculpted nail! No more hard to manage paper forms. And it won't take you one to two hours to complete a beautiful set of nails. 

Ask yourself these questions:

Why am I paying more for traditional shiny tips and still doing all of that extra work? 

How do I Create Beautiful Pink & White nails faster and easier?

Daisy Cutter™ 2.0 and all of our PRE-ETCHED® nail tip styles will save you valuable time, energy and money! 
Start using PRE-ETCHED® nail tips today, you'll be so glad that you did!

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