Solid Chrome Pigment Nail Art Powder | Nail Kit

Solid Chrome Pigment Nail Art Powder | Nail Kit


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Solid Chrome Mirror Nail Pigment
Powder Collection
21 Colors 

Each individual "solid" (no more fly away) chrome pigment nail color (a little goes a long way) includes a compact with a dual end sponge brush applicator, a clean finish dust brush in a convenient storage pouch!

Solid, compact powder eliminates waste or accidental spill of this precious nail art powder!

Excellent for all over use, one nail feature and more.


Apply REFLECT No-Wipe with Diamond Shine! UV/LED nail gel before applying and after. Keeps your powder chrome mirror perfect with a finish that last!
(sold separately).

Directions for use:


1 - Apply REFLECT No-Wipe with Diamond Shine UV/LED Nail Top Gel Sealer (or your favorite) to the nail and cure.  Do not wipe the nail clean after curing.


2 - Using sponge applicator, immediately rub powder on the nail.  Keep rubbing on the nail until you achieve a chrome effect.


3 - Seal with REFLECT No-Wipe UV/LED Top Gel to seal. 


NOTE:  You can use your favorite no-wipe gel for application - just be sure it's a no wipe formulation.

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