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Aneway® SKINNY DIP™ "FLEX" Formula Gel Adhesive | MEDIUM FORMULA


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    "FLEX" Gel Adhesive 
    BASE | TOP

    1- Specially Treated 
    Brush-On Applicator 
    Glass Bottle
    .5 Fl. Oz. | 15 Ml.


    Stronger than regular nail glue!
    Flexible, not brittle - resists cracking
    Longer working time (slower drying)
    Longer shelf life than traditional

    SKINNYDIP™ "FLEX" Gel Adhesive has a different formulation from standard DIP liquid or Glue - it is significantly stronger and dries slightly flexible, so it resists cracking instead of being rock hard and brittle. This makes it especially good for use in high-vibration/high stress applications. It dries crystal clear and is a great alternative to traditional UV/LED gel. FLEX has a superior shelf life!

    "Medium" FLEX (Base & Top) formula is a bit thicker than "Thin" FLEX (Base). It is a terrific "general purpose" product that can be used for a lot of things. It can be used to build the nail more quickly with less coats and as a final coat after using SKINNYDIP™ Ultra Fine Color Acrylic Powders, with Glitz Mix™ Glitter and Powder or on slightly rough surfaces. It dries more slowly than "Thin" FLEX (Base), and that extra working time can be extremely useful. Use SKINNYDIP™ Activator (accelerator spray) to speed up the drying time. Both can be used with PRE-ETCHED® Pro Nail Tip™ and Pro Gel Tip™ applications, depending on your preference.

    SKINNYDIP™ FLEX has a different odor that can be described as 'less irritating'. It can be sanded or polished when dry. That's done by applying multiple layers, curing with our non-acetone formula SKINNYDIP™ Activator (accelerator spray).

    GUARANTEED FRESH - highest possible quality & shelf life. MADE IN THE USA!