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REFLECT™ | No-Wipe Gel Top Coat | UV/LED | Soak-Off | Diamond Shine! | 1/2 Fl. Oz. | Simply The Best!


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No-Wipe Gel Nail Polish 
Top Coat
UV/LED | Soak-Off | Thin Formula 
1/2 Fl. Oz.

Simply The Best!

REFLECT™ is perfect to be used with the latest trend in nails - Chrome Mirror Nail Powder.  Immediately after curing the nail in your UV or LED lamp, simply rub on chrome mirror powder with applicator and do a final seal with this same gel. 

Give your nails a high gloss finish with our NO WIPE, Soak-Off top gel formulated for both UV and LED lamps.   

 Enjoy a high gloss, UV/LED cured top gel that dries tack free in just 2 minutes under a 9 watt UV lamp or 30 seconds in an LED lamp.  Simply brush on a thin, even layer to acrylics, wraps, gels, nail art, natural nails and pedicures for added protection with an instant high gloss shine.  This thin, tack free gel formula eliminates polish drying time completely. The soak off formulation allows for quick and easy removal.  PRO TIP: for faster removal, buff off top shiny layer then soak.