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PRE-ETCHED® Pro Gel Tips™ | Full Coverage Nail Tips |

PRE-ETCHED® Pro Gel Tips™ | Full Coverage Nail Tips | "BALLERINA" | 100 CT. ASSORTED BOX


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 PRE-ETCHED® Ultra Clear Pro Gel Tips™ Full Cover Nail Tips


Ultra Strong & Fast Nails With Perfect Results!

As strong and long-lasting as acrylics, thinner and look more natural, like gel — almost like they're YOUR own nails, but without using a sculpting brush, paper forms or all of that extra time consuming filing and preparation work.

PRE-ETCHED® Ultra Clear Pro Gel Tips™ - world class nail extensions. Our Nail Extension System of adhesion - Miracle Bond™ and TIPGRIP™ UV/LED soak-off nail gel was specifically developed for attaching, making it easier than ever!  You can apply tips in a few seconds. Just follow the instructions from our system and you will get a strong, permanent nail extension, without sculpting, modeling or molds & FORMS in minutes. These nail extensions last more than 2-3 weeks on the natural nail. Can be used quickly and easily with a little practice in the salon or at home! Easily soak-off or professionally fill in when your ready. No damage to the natural nail. 10 nail extensions are ready in minutes!

PRE-ETCHED® Pro Gel Tips™ 

  • 100 ct. Assorted Box (10 each) #0-#9. Weight: 1.0 lbs. List Price: $9.95
  • Comes in a 10 slot, crystal clear, flip top, rigid & secure, polystyrene box for easy retrieval and storage.
  • PRE-ETCHED® The Fastest & Strongest Tips In The Nail Industry™
  • No Well - Well-less, Full Contact, Perfect Coverage, "BALLERINA" Nail Tips.
  • Made of virgin ABS plastic.
  • Completely etched on top and underneath to save you time.
  • Bonds instantly!
  • No preparation needed. 
  • Strong, flexible and durable.
  • Perfect for nail biters!
  • 40 CT. REFILLS AVAILABLE BY SIZE. #0 (Largest) - #9 (Smallest)

 A Perfect Match!
Aneway® Miracle Bond™ Nail + Tip Adhesive 
No UV/LED Lamp Needed!

NOTE: Tips will appear as frosted glass until adhesive and overlay product are applied. They will appear ultra "clear" afterwards!


PRE-ETCHED® pro nail tips are uniformly pre-etched - not just a matte finish, on top and underneath for maximum adhesion, bonding instantly to the natural nail. No more over-filling and spending to much time removing the shiny, oily surface from your nail tips.

The Fastest & Strongest Tips In The Nail Industry™