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PRE-ETCHED® Pro Gel Tip™

PRE-ETCHED® Pro Gel Tip™ "SQUARE" Full Cover Well-Less Nail Tips - 40 CT. REFILL PACKAGE


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PRE-ETCHED® Pro Gel Tip™ Ultra Clear, Full Cover, 
No-Well, Pro Nail Tip™ 


Ultra Strong & Fast Nails With Perfect Results!

As strong and long-lasting as acrylics, thinner and look more natural, like gel — almost like they're YOUR own nails, but without using a sculpting brush, paper forms or all of that extra time consuming filing and preparation work.

PRE-ETCHED® Ultra "Clear & Flexible" Pro Gel Tip™ full cover, no-well tips are world class nail extensions. Our Nail System of adhesion - Miracle Bond™ and TIPGRIP™ were specifically developed for attaching, making it easier than ever!  You can apply tips in a few seconds. Just follow the instructions from our system and you will get a strong, permanent nail extension, without sculpting, modeling or using molds & FORMS in minutes. These nail extensions last more than 3 weeks on the natural nail. Can be used quickly and easily -with a little practice in the salon and at at home! Easily soak-off or fill in when your ready. No damage to the natural nail. 10 nail extensions are ready in minutes!

PRE-ETCHED® Ultra Clear & Flexible Pro Gel Tip™


NOTE: Tips will appear as frosted glass until adhesive and overlay product are applied. They will appear Ultra "clear" afterwards!

PRE-ETCHED® Pro Gel Tip™ Ultra "Clear" FULL COVER
Pro Nail Tip™ 
  • Ultra Clear
  • Full Cover
  • The Perfect Match! 
  • Pro Gel Tip™ "SQUARE" Pro Nail Tip™ 
  • 40 ct. REFILL PACKAGE (40 each) of one size #0 (Largest) - #9 (Smallest). Weight: 1.0 lbs. List Price: $3.95
  • Comes in a reusable, zip lock top, numbered poly bag for easy storage and retrieval.
  • PRE-ETCHED® The Fastest & Strongest Tips In The Nail Industry™
  • NO WELL (Well-less), Full Cover, Perfect Fit, "SQUARE" Nail Tips.
  • Made of virgin ABS plastic. 
  • Completely etched on top and underneath to save you time.
  • Bonds instantly!
  • No preparation needed. 
  • Strong and durable.
  • Perfect for nail biters!


A Perfect Match with Aneway® Miracle Bond™ Nail + Tip Adhesive

Make sure to manicure the natural nails. Apply a cuticle softener/remover (optional) as directed by the manufacturer. Gently push back cuticles with a professional cuticle pusher, a file or an orange wood stick and buff to remove any excess skin, cuticle and debris from around the cuticle and nail plate. It is NOT necessary to etch or roughen the natural nail. Use a manicure scrub brush with soap and water to thoroughly cleanse hands and nails. Completely dry hands and fingernails before starting.

Cleanse the natural nail with a Lint Free Nail Wipe and Aneway® CLEAN-UP™ sanitize solution or 91%-99% alcohol. Scrub as if you are removing polish. Let dry. 

Select replacement nails to fit each of your own nails. Choose the correct size of the Pro Gel™ Nail Tip to the natural nail. Make sure they fit from side wall to side wall of the natural nail bed. Do not overlap the sides (not overly large). Lay them out in the order to be applied.

Apply Miracle Bond™ Nail + Tip Adhesive to the free edge tip of the natural nail and to 1/3 of the underside contact area of the tip. Be generous and place a drop of Miracle Bond™ Nail + Tip Adhesive and swirl the brush onto the underside of the Pro Gel™ Nail Tip. Do not flood or overflow the underneath contact area. Make sure you apply enough to not get air bubbles while applying. Apply to one nail at a time.

Place the tip as close to the cuticle without touching it and is straight, then with pressure rock IT ON down to the free edge, making sure your not getting air bubbles. Hold in place till set  for 5-10 seconds. Quickly wipe off any overflow from skin with a damp Lint Free Nail Wipe and Aneway® Acetone Remover. Do not flood the nail with solution. Wipe around the cuticle, side of the nail, tip and underside of the finger. Do all nails before moving on to the next step.

File and taper the left side of the nail straight down flush from the side edge wall to the free edge of the nail. Do other side. File and/or buff around cuticle area flush with the natural nail and is smooth. Adjust shape and length. Buffer around edges to remove any tip filings. Dust to remove any excess dust and nail filing. Shape and smooth the nail just the way you like them. Saturate a nail wipe with Aneway® Acetone Remover Solution. With pressure wipe around the cuticle area, side walls and free edge of the nail to smooth.

Decorate as desired!