"Lil' Black" Manicuring Nail Brush - 10 CT.

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A Necessary Tool For All Nail Procedures

  • Sophisticated, neutral "black" color - matching all manicuring tools and salon decor.
  • Volume discount- 10 ct., (individually wrapped in their own reusable zip lock poly bag) for your convenience and your clients. Also for sanitary reasons when retailing.
  • Economical (give away or for salon resale).
  • Give to each of your clients, after using, to keep her nails looking there best at home!
  • For retail, offer them so your client can keep her nails clean and hygienic after gardening and cooking at home. Keep one in your purse just in case, for restaurant visits, hospital visits, etc., near each sink or tub and shower for easy access.
  • Yes, they can be used for so many other purposes. Example: Ring cleaning, stain removal, etc. Works great on feet, elbows and knee's.
  • Gentle exfoliation.
  • Quickly dust off excess nail debris after buffing and filing artificial nails before cleansing.
  • Use to cleanse on top and underneath the nail while washing hands
  • Keep several in a jar or bowl at the sink and at the front desk during check in or check out. 
  • Firm yet soft and gentle bristles on the skin.
  • Easy grip handles.