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Lint Free Nail Wipes - 200 CT.

Lint Free Nail Wipes - 200 CT.


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Pro Nail Lint Free Nail Wipes



  • Superior Nail Wipes
  • 2" X 2" , single ply, rounded corners, square cut, absorbent material.
  • *200 Ct. - (2) individual packs (as shown) of 100 ct., in resealable  packaging.
  • 100% Lint Free
  • Non-Woven
  • Perfect Gel Tackiness Removal
  • For Cleansing Gel, Brush, Skin & Nails
  • Dry Nail Wipe
  • Color: White
  • Pattern: Plum Embossed
* Rectangular Storage/Retrieval Container and Cylinder Storage/Retrieval Containers with Flip Top Lid (sold separately).