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Five Finger Soak & Pro Nail Tip, Acrylic + Gel Dip System Removal Bowls


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2 / Five Finger Soak & Nail Removal Bowls
li'l black soak & nail removal bowl
Package Includes: 
2 / Nail Soak Bowls (Color: BLACK or DARK PINK )
  • Convenient Manicure Bowl
  • Soak Finger Tip In Nail Treatment Solutions
  • Remover Solution Tool 

Easy to use, for home or professional salon use. 
Can be filled with water or oil for manicuring the nails or acetone removal or other desired soaking liquid.
For artificial nail removal, UV tanning bed protection.
Add soaking solution to finger wells and insert fingers.
Soak five nails at the same time or just one or two!
Suitable for nail mani+pedi™ oil treatment, removing Pro Nail Tips, soak-off gels, dipping systems, acrylic nails, nail nutrition & sanitizing treatments.

Material: Plastic
Size: approx. 15*5.5*3.5cm
Quantity: 2 packages