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Aneway® "Clear" TIP GRIP™ Clip - Pro Gel Tip™ Nail Compression Tool


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Pro Gel Tip™ Nail Compression Tool

  • Package contains one large (as pictured) TIP GRIPClip. An exclusive PRE-ETCHED® Pro Gel Tip™ Nail Compression Tool
  • Perfect to hold a PRE-ETCHED® Pro Gel Tip or practice nail tip to test color, nail art techniques or other procedures.
  • Use a TIP GRIP clip to secure a PRE-ETCHED® Pro Gel Tip™ to the natural nail and finger.
  • While secure, maneuver the tip to completely cover and is straight and flush with the natural nail and cuticle area.
  • Allows you to clean-up any excess gel from the underside of a PRE-ETCHED® Pro Gel Tip™, around the cuticle and surrounding areas before curing with a UV/LED lamp.
  • Crystal clear clarity to allow Gelation!Builder Gel+ "FLEX" nail gel or THINEOUS nail gel and the PRE-ETCHED® Pro Gel Tip to be seen while curing with a Flash Cure lamp or any UV/LED gel light.
  • Grips to compress with a PRE-ETCHED® Pro Gel Tip™, Tacky Tack™ bonding solution, the natural nail combined with Gelation! Builder Gel+ "FLEX" technology nail gel or THINEOUS™ nail gel for an unequaled, superior bond!
  • Comfortable, secure compression with superior results!
  • The premium, pro set contains (10) of the (small) and (5) (large) TIP GRIP™ clips, displayed in a clear styrene box for ease in viewing content, 1 Compartment - 4-1/2" L x 2-11/16" W x 1" H with rounded corners and a hinged lid for quick retrieval and safe storage. (coming soon).
  • Available in a separate, single count pack - 1 of each size TIP GRIP clip (large and small).  (coming soon).