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Aneway® SKINNY DIP™ Color To Match™ | SMOOTH

Aneway® SKINNY DIP™ Color To Match™ | SMOOTH "SPARKLE GEL" NAIL COLOR | BUILDER GEL+ "DURO Flex" Technology! | COLOR #PT8612


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Color To Match!™


Builder Gel+ "DURO Flex" Technology 
Flex + HARD = DURO 



Smooth & Brilliant "Sparkle" Color with Strength to PROTECT!

Actual Color "Gel" Swatch On Each Jar 
Easy To Identify!

  • Color To Match™ Smooth & Brilliant Sparkle Color Builder Gel+ with "DURO Flex" Technology. 
    Flex + HARD = DURO

  • Use on Natural Nails + PRE-ETCHED® Pro Nail Tip™ and PRE-ETCHED® Pro Gel Tip™ Nail Systems exclusively. 

  • Builder Gel+ with "DURO FLEX" technology for smooth & brilliant sparkle color with ultimate strength and durability. Will NEVER crack!

  • Create strong, durable, flexible nail extensions that last.

  • Color To Match™ nail gel + SKINNYDIP™ color acrylic nail powder and Lacquer To Match™ nail color!
  • Smooth Color Builder Gel+ with DURO FLEX! technology + Tacky Tack™ (Air Dry, Bonding Solution) and Tip Tack™ (Bonding Gel) were specifically developed to create a superior bond with ultimate strength and durability combined with natural nails, PRE-ETCHED® Pro Nail Tip™ extensions and PRE-ETCHED® Ultra "Clear" Pro Gel Tip™ Enhancements. 

  • Smooth & Brilliant Sparkle Color Builder Gel+ with DURO FLEX! technology cures in a UV lamp for 2 minutes, LED for 30-45 seconds and Flash Cure™ lamp for 5-10 seconds before final curing.

  • Unique, thicker viscosity with a smooth self leveling flow. Applies just like polish!

  • Build strength to the natural nail. 

  • Never "thin" and runny!

  • UV/LED | Soak-Off 

  • Large Clear Jar with an Opaque White Insert to protect.

  • 1/2 oz. | .5 fl. oz. | 15 ml.