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Aneway® Rich & Skinny™ HARD GEL - No Sticky Layer!

Aneway® Rich & Skinny™ HARD GEL - No Sticky Layer!


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Aneway® Rich & Skinny™ HARD GEL 
No Sticky Layer!

UV/LED . Top Coat . Mirror Shine 
1/2 fl. oz. Brush-On Top Glass Bottle   
No Wipe!

The use of Rich & Skinny™ HARD GEL - No Sticky Layer! as a final coat over your finished Pro Gel Tip™ nail enhancement allows you to remove gel polish colors with Aneway® Acetone Remover - Never Chalky or White! easier and faster without affecting the nail enhancement structure and formation!

Aneway Rich & Skinny HARD GEL

"You Can Never Be Too Rich or Skinny"

Rich & Skinny™ HARD GEL is specially formulated to work with ALL PRE-ETCHED® Pro Nail Tip™ enhancements - including gels, SKINNY DIP™ nail system, acrylic nails and especially with our  Pro Gel Tip™ Ultra Clear Nail Tips and Builder Gel+ FLEX Pro Nail Tip™ Gel System.


Simply brush it on, cure and that's it!

No need to wipe!
LED & UV Light Activated
LED - 30 Seconds / UV - 2 Minutes
Non-Cleanse . No Tacky Residue . Mirror Shine!

Rich & Skinny™ HARD GEL easily files off when your ready to fill-in new growth or to simply soak-off your nails for a new set!
Super Shinny and Strong!

Acetone Resistant!