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Hyper™ Bond Nail System DFT | with DURO

Hyper™ Bond Nail System DFT | with DURO "Flex" Technology! | DELUXE KIT


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Grow Longer Natural Nails That Last! 
NO UV/LED Gel Curing Lamp or Excess Filing Required!

 The Strength of Acrylic. 
Applies Smooth Like Gel!

For Natural Nails

No more soft, peeling, paper thin and brittle nails that crack, lift, chip and break before they get a change to grow.

Aneway® Hyper™ Bond DFT DURO "Flex" Resin & DURO "Flex" Powder Nail System provides you with a strong, flexible foundation, a long lasting bond, with a protective seal to grow longer, stronger, beautiful nails and allows them to stay that way!

This nail system is so quick and easy to apply, dry and remove. Stay's on long and strong, with a superior bond, until your ready to quickly and easily remove or re-balance the new growth. Once your nails start to grow, just buff, clean, and apply more using the Aneway® Hyper™ Nail System instructions for stronger, longer nails!


  • Aneway® Hyper™ Bond Nail System - DFT |  DURO "Flex" Powder (Clear) 
    1 Oz. | 30 Gr.

  • Aneway® Hyper™ Bond Nail System - DFT |  DURO "Flex" Gel Resin 
    (Bond . Seal . Shine) 
    .5 Fl. Oz. Oz. | 15 Ml..

  • Aneway® Hyper™ Bond Nail System  |  Accelerator Mist (Non-Acetone/Mild Formula) 
    2 Fl. Oz. | 60 Ml.  Oz.

  • Aneway® Hyper™ Bond Nail System | Nail Remover + Brush Cleaner
    4 Fl. Oz. | 120 Ml.

  • Aneway® Hyper™ Bond Nail System | Sanitize Solution
    (Antiseptic + Cleanser)
    4 Fl. Oz. | 120 Ml.

  • Aneway® Mani+Pedi™ | Cuticle Oil
    Never Sticky Or Greasy!

    .5 Fl. Oz. | 15 Ml.


1- Instruction Card, 1- Mix iT Up™ Glass Dish, 1- Clean iT Up™ Nail Brush, 1- Plastic Manicuring Scrub Brush, 1- Skinny Purple 100/180 Grit Block Buffer, 1- Buff & Polish™ 2-Way Block Buffer, 1- Professional 100/180 Grit Nail File, 1- Mini Fan Dust Brush, 100- Lint Free Nail Wipes, 1- Birch Wood Cuticle Stick, 1- Mini Plastic Shovel and 1- Clear, "White" Snap Close Storage Case.