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Acetone Remover *Tangerine | 16 Fl. Oz. | FREE Soak-Off Pads

Acetone Remover *Tangerine | 16 Fl. Oz. | FREE Soak-Off Pads


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This offer is for the 16 Fl. Oz. Refill Size Bottle
THE BIG BOTTLE! (Not Shown).  
The 8 Fl. Oz. Bottle is (Shown). 

Limited Time Offer 
FREE Box of Soak-Off Pads. 100 Ct. w/purchase 


...Never Leaves A Chalky Residue After Soaking or Removing!

  • Aneway® Acetone Remover is the professional's number one choice for quality and convenience.
  • The quickest and most effective product to remove nail polish.
  • Safely dissolves nail adhesives, UV/LED gel nail polish, acrylic systems, Pro Nail Tips and all artificial nails.
  • Large Size, Economical Value.
  • Convenient pouring and refilling your pump dispenser.
  • 16 Fl. Oz. / 480 ml. Solution
  • *Tangerine Scent.