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400 CT. - PRE-ETCHED® FLAMINGO™ Pro Nail Tips


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FLAMINGO™ 400 ct. Assorted Box (40 each) #0-#9. Weight: 1.0 lbs. List Price: $42.95. PRE-ETCHED® FLAMINGO™ "well-less" No-Well (Expert C-Curve). Strong & Elegant with an instant bond. Beautiful curve! Place them exactly where you want the smile line to be. Made of virgin ABS plastic. Completely etched on top and underneath to save you time.



PRE-ETCHED® professional nail tips are uniformly pre-etched - not just a matte finish on top and underneath for maximum adhesion, bonding instantly to the natural nail. No more over-filling and spending to much time removing the shiny, oily surface from your nail tips.

PRE-ETCHED® nail tip styles will save you valuable time, energy and money! 
Start using PRE-ETCHED® nail tips today, you'll be so glad that you did!

The Fastest Tips In The Nail Industry