The Fastest & Strongest Tips In The Nail Industry™


Invented, patented and manufactured by a licensed, practicing nail technician with over 30 years of experience. These tips help her create beautiful, strong, ultra fast nails with PERFECT results!

Carol L. and Robert D. McPherson invented and patented (Patent Number: 5,582,533) PRE-ETCHED® nail tips in 1993.

Our process is complex but the theory is simple. PRE-ETCHED® nail tips are made for the professional nail technician to save time, energy and money.

Traditional nail tips have a standard, oily factory residue on the surface. The oil must be removed from the nail tips before application to the natural nail.

Failure to remove the factory finish will result in air bubbles that trap unwanted moisture. This will cause the nail to grow fungus and pop off. Causing your clients unwanted frustration.

Overlay products will not properly bond to a standard factory finished nail tip. You can manually remove the factory finish from your nail tips of choice. This is a lengthy process that is often overlooked to save time and sacrifices quality.

PRE-ETCHED nail tips require ZERO prep work. The process is already complete. Now you can treat your client with a high quality set of beautiful nails.