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Aneway® SKINNY DIP™ 'Gel Powder" Advanced Acrylic Nail System | PRO STARTER SET | CLEAR


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Aneway® SKINNYDIP™ Gel Powder
Advanced Acrylic Nail Powder System

LONG-LASTING AND CHIP-RESISTANT when used with Aneway® #1 SKINNY DIP FLEX Base|Top Gel coatings, our ADVANCED acrylic gel nail powder creates an extra layer of protection to brittle nails. Your natural nails are free to grow without fear of splitting, breaking or peeling. Your dipped nails will feel smooth, have a high gloss shine, and look fresh for a longer time than any gel polish and mush easier to apply then traditional liquid & powder acrylic systems. QUARANTEED!


    Medium "FLEX" Adhesive

    BASE | TOP

    1- Specially Treated 
    Brush-On Applicator
    Glass Bottle
    .5 Fl. Oz. | 15 Ml.

      Ultra Fine SKINNYDIP™
      Advanced Acrylic Nail Powder 
      DIP . MIX . POUR . SPOON & MORE!
      1- LARGE 
      2 OZ. | PRO SIZE JAR

        Gel Air™ GLOSS
        TOP COAT
        | NAIL POLISH
        1- Brush-On Applicator
        Glass Bottle
        .5 Fl. Oz. | 15 Ml.

          Spray Activator = No UV|LED Light Needed!
          1- LARGE
          2 Fl. Oz. Plastic Bottle.
          (Non-Acetone Formula)