Acrylac® Water Born™ | Acrylic Nail Paint Polish System | STARTER SET *Includes Portable Nail Dryer

Acrylac® Water Born™ | Acrylic Nail Paint Polish System | STARTER SET *Includes Portable Nail Dryer


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  • 1 - Acrylac® WATER BORN™ NAIL PAINT COLOR | .25 fl. oz. | 7.5 ml. | Shade 601 | THE REAL DEAL RED - Our signature color red (opaque, crème). Apply 1-3 thin coats (air/blow dry in seconds!). Let dry between coats. Additional colors sold separately.
  • 1- Acrylac® SEAL & SHINE™ "SEAL" | .5 fl. oz. | 15 ml. Apply 1-2 thin coats before applying acrylic paint nail polish color to seal the natural nail. Cover the whole nail surface and cap the free edges. Do not allow it to pool (air/blow dry in seconds!). Apply 1-2 thin coats after the last layer of acrylic paint nail polish color is dry. Cover the whole nail surface and cap the free edges. Avoid flooding the nail. Do not allow it to pool (air/blow dry in seconds) - unifies the dry layers of nail polish color to ensure a perfect seal and a chip free nail finish!

    1- Acrylac® SEAL & SHINE™ "SHINE" TOP COAT | .5 fl. oz| 15 ml. Apply a thin coat after seal coat is dry. Cover the whole nail surface and cap the free edges. Avoid flooding the nail. Do not allow it to pool (air/blow dry in seconds). REPEAT: the last and final coat (air/blow dry in seconds!) - unifies the layers to ensure a smooth seal and super glossy gel nail finish!

  • 1- Orange Wood Stick Package - Use to clean up excess polish off the skin, push back cuticles and as a nail art tool. (10 ct. package).
  • *1- MINI, PORTABLE, HAND HELD, USB, DESK TOP, WISPER QUIET,  3 MODE NAIL DRYER - For best results; Use all three drying modes after applying Acrylac® Nail Polish Color System. Extremely efficient when you are applying polish to just one or two nails or nail art on a few nails. If you're applying Acrylac® nail polish to all 10 nails in sequence, it dries so fast, blow drying will not be necessary. Low blow 5-10 seconds, medium speed 10-15 seconds and high for 15-20 seconds (total 30-45 seconds). Comes complete with a USB charging cable and stand.  
  • 1- Sponge Block Nail File System - 2/way green and white buffer block. Green side to buff smooth, white side to shine. 
  • 1- Mani + Pedi™ PRO NAIL CUTICLE OIL. THE ULTIMATE INDULGENCE WITHOUT THE CALORIES! *Oat, Milk & Honey | .5 fl. oz. | 15 ml. | 1/2 oz. The soothing scent of oatmeal, thick creamy french vanilla, rich warm milk with bottom notes of sweet nutty almond and hints of sweet honey. This is a scent to relax by! Never Sticky or Greasy! OUR SIGNATURE SCENT and best seller! NOT SHOWN.
  • 1- Acrylac® Wrap & Wipe™ | Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover Pads - Individually wrapped, non-drying - with Aloe, Herbal Essence and Panthenol. Safe for nails and cuticles. Box (50 pieces). 

    WRAP, wait 1-2 minutes, twist back and forth to remove and WIPE clean!


  • Acrylac® is the "first" proprietary blend, professional grade, smooth flowing acrylic nail paint polish application with the fastest drying and longest wearing Water Born™ formula.
  • Non-toxic, odor-less, water-based, hybrid acrylic paint nail polish system. 
  • Acrylac® Water Born™ acrylic nail paint polish applies just like any traditional gel nail polish system - base (seal), color and glossy top coat (shine), except you can skip the lamp, stickiness and long soak-off removal!
  • Acrylac® SEAL & SHINE™ is designed to use directly over strong, healthy, chip free natural nails or any finish filed, smoothly buffed artificial nail foundation -  including Acrylac® GLAZE & SPRAY™, MIRACLE DIP™ and especially with PRE-ETCHED® Pro Gel Tips™ + Aneway® LUXE Series™ Pro Gel Tips™ - full coverage, well-less, clear gel nail tips - AS SHOWN ABOVE. 
  • Smooth coverage!
  • Use Acrylac® acrylic nail paint polish system to cover the whole nail surface and/or as a nail art paint to design with. Use with your favorite dotting tool, striper, liner, stylist and detail nail brushes to create!
  • Acrylac® SEAL & SHINE™ "SHINE" TOP COAT - water-based, odor-less, non-toxic top coat unifies the color layers, ensuring a long lasting, super glossy nail finish - never any sticky layer to remove. 
  • Only a small amount is needed, making it extremely economical to use. Long wearing - stay's on until you decide your ready for a change of color or a new nail art design.
  • SKIP THE CHIPS! - with durable flex technology.
  • Dries super fast (air/blow dry in seconds). No more dents, smudges or bed sheet marks!
  • Fast and easy removal with Acrylac® Wrap & Wipe™ individually wrapped, non-acetone, non-drying - safe for nails and cuticles, with aloe, herbal essence and panthenol nail polish remover pads, Acrylac® non-toxic, odor-less, eco-safe, brush-on gel formula nail polish remover in conjunction with our unique, specialized, wipe clean, textured removal pads or any nail polish remover of choice.
  • Never any long soak-off or UV/LED gel lamp needed!
  • No more obnoxious fumes released into the environment during application, at your salon or inside the home!
  • Safe to use around kids, pets, friends, clients, guest or family members (husbands)!
  • Aneway® offer's the lowest prices in the nail industry, using only the highest quality, non-toxic ingredients, with so many beautiful shades to choose!
  • Start breathing easier and collect all of the Acrylac® Water Born™ acrylic nail paint polish color system. You and your clients will be so glad you did!


BEST RESULTS: Make sure nails are clean, oil free and dry. Use our BUFF & POLISH™ - green and white sponge block file system - green side buff, white side polish (optional) before applying Acrylac® SEAL & SHINE™ "SEAL" NAIL COAT.

Step 1. Acrylac® SEAL & SHINE™ "SEAL" NAIL COAT - water-based, odor-less, non-toxic sealer - acts as double sided sticky tape. Apply a coat before applying nail color and after artificial nail systems. Bonds, smooths, seals and protects with the natural or artificial nail surface and nail color. Cover the whole nail surface including the free edges. Do not allow to pool or flood the nail. Let dry in-between coats (air/blow dry in seconds).

Step 2. Acrylac® WATER BORN™ ACRYLIC NAIL PAINT POLISH COLOR - SHAKE IT UP! Avoid flooding and pooling by first wiping polish brush on the side of the bottle top. Apply 1-3 "thin" coats. Let dry (air/blow dry in seconds). Dry in between each coat. Always avoid the skin area.

Acrylac® SEAL & SHINE™ "SEAL" NAIL COAT - apply 1 coat after color is completely dry. Avoid pooling. Cap the free edges, followed by the whole nail surface. Always avoid the skin area. Let dry (air/blow dry in seconds).

Step 3. Acrylac® SEAL & SHINE™ "SHINE" NAIL COAT - Apply 2 coats. Avoid flooding and pooling (air/blow dry in seconds). Always avoid the skin area. Dry in between each coat. Apply your Mani + Pedi™ Pro Nail Cuticle Oil and your finished!


"that's the Aneway® promise"